CONE Health Grid - more than just a grid

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CONE Health Grid


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  • enamelled cast iron grate
  • anti-flare-up function
  • stainless steel drip tray
  • fantastic heat storage
  • great sear marks

CONE health grid - more than just a cast iron grid. The drip tray specially developed for the extremely solid grid makes charcoal BBQs healthier than ever - it ensures that no fat or marinades can drip into the embers, but the food still has those woody/ smoky notes of charcoal. Want to perfect your steak with sear marks? Fed up of fish sticking to the BBQ? You need a health grid!
Dimensions: Ø 46 cm, 2 cm thickness
Weight: 6.00 kg 
Material: stainless steel

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CONE Health Grid


Cast iron grate with flavourizing function

You can put fresh herbs or wood chips into the drip tray to give your BBQ food the perfect flavour. Then heat the cast iron grate by raising the charcoal. After around five minutes of heat, HEALTH GRID is at the ideal temperature. Now put some food on top, such as a nice piece of beef, an entrecôte, a rump, rib-eye, flank or T-Bone steak. Sear the food for a minute on each side. Then fully lower the charcoal grate and let the meat relax on the warming rack with the lid closed for five to ten minutes at around 80°C, according to the thickness and desired level of doneness. Bon appétit!

What this multi-talent can do

CONE has everything you need for a professional BBQ experience: continuously adjustable heat control, a very large grill area with two levels and a convenient operating height. You can easily whip up big BBQs for 10 to 15 people! Functional details, such as a hook for BBQ tools (e.g. tongs holder) and practical accessories, make grills with charcoal an absolute pleasure! For example, you can create an XXL work surface by attaching one or two side tables! Another smart feature is the integrated stainless steel lid with temperature display, which can be fully closed or left half-open. A magnetic locking mechanism on the hinge securely holds the lid in the desired position. Use the CONE cast iron cooking grate to give steaks the perfect grill marks and prevent fish or grilled cheese from sticking. The matching drip tray makes your BBQs even healthier, as it keeps fat and marinades away from the embers.


Healthy and flavoursome BBQ experiences

Thanks to the drip tray, no fat gets into the open fire: so your BBQ fun is even healthier and your food tastes even better. And the surface of the cast iron grate creates the perfect sear marks for your steak.


"If we’re doing a charcoal grill it needs to be the best on the market."

We’ve always had the hots for charcoal grills. But there’s always been one thing that bugged us: the heat was either too strong or too weak! To change this, we wanted to build a grill that allowed you to directly control the heat. At the same time, we knew: if we were going to touch this “hot potato”, then it needed to be the best charcoal grill on the market! After many development stages, our ideas finally resulted in a completely innovative design. With the support of regional companies and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we produced the first series of prototypes. We continuously optimised this until we found the perfect solution: CONE. With this product, our plans had finally taken shape: because using a simple cone-shaped funnel also allowed us to link the distance to the heat source with the air supply! We had achieved our goal: a completely new and multifunctional charcoal grill that is as convenient as a gas grill!