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  • gimbal-mounted lantern
  • gravity holds candle upright 
  • easy to light 
  • safe and clean to extinguish
  • turn upside down: protects against leaves, water and dust 
  • versatile: In a hanging position, upright on a pole or set in a base

GRAVITY CANDLE - a perfectly balanced lantern for both indoors and outdoors. The candle always stays upright. It’s quick and safe to light the lantern with a match, by simply tilting the glass tube a bit to the side. Turn the lantern upside down to safely put the candle out. This also ensures that it is protected from the elements and any dirt.
A multifunctional lantern with pure elegance! No matter which way you turn and twist it, the candle always stays upright! This is because the gimbal mount uses gravity to keep it perpendicular. This particular feature makes it super easy to operate from start to finish: tilt the lantern slightly to the side to make it quick and safe to light the upright candle with a match. To extinguish, just turn GRAVITY CANDLE upside down. The base passes over the flame, cuts off the supply of oxygen and extinguishes the flame quickly and without fuss. Practical: in the upside-down position, the inside of the lantern is protected from dirt, rain and dust. It’s not just on a table that GRAVITY CANDLE provides a cosy atmosphere. Thanks to convenient accessories, the lantern also shines elegantly in a hanging position, on a pole or as a floor lamp. Where is the ambient candlelight going to look best? Garden, balcony, kitchen, living room? The choice is yours. Tip: to ensure the longest possible burning time for GRAVITY CANDLE, we recommend Gastro Tea Lights, e.g. from dm.
Ø 8 cm, 13 cm Höhe, 0,6 kg 
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Teresa February 27, 2021 09:25

Gute Ergänzung zu Spin Tischfeuer habe 2 Windlichter als Ergänzung zu meinem Spin Tischfeuer gekauft. Komplettiert definitiv die Tischdeko für einen schönen Abend mit freunden.



Fascinating interplay between fire and gravity

The fascinating interplay between fire and gravity really gives GRAVITY CANDLE the wow-factor. The secret: the candle is mounted in a gimbal so gravity keeps it upright at all times. It’s easy to light the wick in the glass tube with a match without having to worry about your fingers. And to put it out? Simply turn GRAVITY CANDLE upside down and the flame will extinguish. Safe and clean. No need to blow it out, and no smoke or wax stains on the glass! The upside-down position also protects the inside of the lantern from dirt, rain and dust.

What this multi-talent can do

The minimalistic design of GRAVITY CANDLE shines and the simple mechanism makes the fascinating features possible: simple to light, quick to extinguish and protection against any dirt. This unbelievably versatile lantern conjures up beautiful candlelight in all settings. Simply use GRAVITY CANDLE on a table or mounted on an optional pole in the garden, or on a patio or balcony. Or would you rather hang GRAVITY CANDLE? We also have a solution for that!


GRAVITY CANDLE accessories allow you to light up the atmosphere in any setting. The perfect option for any situation: an elegant hanging lantern, placed practically on a pole in the ground, or using a combination of pole and base. The latter transforms GRAVITY CANDLE into an atmospheric floor lamp! Take advantage of the full multifunctionality!

What makes GRAVITY CANDLE unique

GRAVITY CANDLE is a multifunctional lantern with a timeless and elegant design, which is surprisingly easy, clean and safe to light and put out. Use it standing up, hanging or on a pole, and place it wherever you want: on a table, balcony, patio, or in the garden. Turn it upside down to quickly and safely extinguish the candle and protect the inside from leaves, water and dust.

Safely light & extinguish

It doesn't get any easier or safer: to light with a match, just tilt GRAVITY CANDLE slightly to the side. There’s no need to remove the glass tube or worry about any unsightly drops of wax. To quickly extinguish the candle you only need to turn it upside down: the base then covers the flame, cuts off the supply of oxygen and extinguishes. No need to blow it out, and no splashes of wax or smoke!

Hanging solution with cord
The hanging system (accessory) is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. For flats, houses and cottages, as well as gardens, patios and balconies. Easy to set up, this option also offers all the cool GRAVITY CANDLE features, including safe lighting and extinguishing. In its upside-down position, the inside of the lantern is well protected from the elements and any dust!
Standing lantern with pole

A festive dinner? A social gathering on the patio or in the garden? Place GRAVITY CANDLE wherever you like. On a wall, a platform or raised up with a pole and base. Or simply put the pole in the ground - in the lawn or a plant pot, and enjoy the beautiful candlelight outside! The different lengths only increase the number of possibilities! The pole and base are quick and easy to assemble. No tools required.

Elegant lantern
Solid cast metal in matt silver. An elegant glass cylinder. Simple, clear mechanisms. These are the ingredients which come together to create a timeless aesthetic and special atmospheric effect. As the lantern can also be adapted using accessories, every option captivates in its own way and leaves a lasting impression.

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A fascinating interplay between fire and gravity

A beautiful lantern made from high-quality materials. Safe and clean to light and put out, and protects itself when not in use: this idea was the starting point for GRAVITY CANDLE. What we needed was a simple mechanism which allowed the candle to always stay upright. The solution: a gimbal mount, like the mechanism used in a ship’s compass. Or in our multifunctional fire basket CUBE [Link]. This functionality to safely extinguish by turning upside down has been further developed with GRAVITY CANDLE. As the lantern is able to pivot in all directions. This cardanic characteristic is also reflected in the semi-spherical shape of the base. GRAVITY CANDLE is also extremely versatile, and can be used in a number of different settings: not only on a table, but also hanging or placed on a pole. The accessories developed for the lantern round off the design stylishly. The fascinating interplay between fire and gravity is a great success and looks amazing from any angle!