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SPIN Table Fire | Garden Torch

SPIN - a wild whirl of flames in a decorative glass cylinder conjures up the finest campfire atmosphere on your balcony, terrace or living room. An eye-catcher with a warm radiance. To feel good and enjoy.

BOWL Fire Bowl | Grill 

BOWL - Fire in its most accomplished form! With stable wire stand for casual lounge evenings on the terrace or in the garden. Also with foldable tripod (accessory) for high fire pit and BBQ.

CUBE Fire Basket | Grill

CUBE - this is how smart a fire basket can be! Just turn it over and the fire is extinguished safely and cleanly. With accessories, this multi-talent can become a grill or - when cold - a stool.

BEER BOX Fire Basket | Grill | Stool

BEER BOX - is a fire basket in the form of a drinks crate. But also a BBQ, wood box and stool. The perfect companion for spontaneous trips and outdoor events. With a bottle opener too!

CRATE Fire Basket | Grill | Stool

CRATE - is a fire basket in the form of a wine crate or fruit box. Transport drinks or wood to your destination and start an atmospheric campfire. Or a small BBQ? It’s a BBQ too!

TRIPLE Fire Bowl | Grill 

TRIPLE - is an homage to the earliest fire pits! The fascinating hexagonal shape allows for a great view of the open fire. A pure campfire feeling from every angle. And when hunger strikes? Simply put the cooking grid, plate or both on top and start the BBQ!

TRIPLE 65 Fire Bowl

€99.95 - €299.00

TRIPLE 90 Fire Bowl

€99.95 - €299.00

TRIPLE 120 Fire Bowl

€99.95 - €299.00

TRIPLE Pole 40

€19.95 - €24.95

TRIPLE Pole 55

€19.95 - €24.95

ELLIPSE Fire Bowl | Grill

ELLIPSE - A sculptural fire bowl made of Corten steel, with amazing functionality! Variable height, tiltable, with surprisingly simple and effective grill option.

CONE Chorcoal Grill | Fire Basket

CONE - is the first charcoal grill with the convenience of a gas grill. Direct and continuously adjustable heat control for perfect barbecues, and afterwards enjoy the magical atmosphere of an open fire!


GRAVITY CANDLE - a perfectly balanced lantern for both indoors and outdoors. The candle always stays upright. It’s quick and safe to light the lantern with a match, by simply tilting the glass tube a bit to the side.

JOHNNY CATCH Bottle Opener

JOHNNY CATCH - probably the most attractive wall-mounted bottle opener in the world. The strong magnet catches and holds  bottle caps!


TOOLS – With the correct tool, you can really have a lot of fun barbecuing! Get the Original BBQ Tools to go with your höfats product! Because with them, everything will be simply spot-on: Design, material, performance. No compromises for delight that never stops when grilling!








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